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Document Templates

Electronic documents for your every need stored in the cloud

Pricing Type Description
Document Template Electronic doucments that represent a specific form or type of document that you send to your customers. These may represent an order form, estimate or bill of lading. These documents will be created and stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere or anytime for you and your team. They accept eSignatures, initials, additional text or any particular information from a job. They can be sent to your customer or anyone else at anytime.
Bundle Access We bundle our features together to maximize your value to growing your business, so you don't have to worry about if you went over your budget. This gives you one monthly fixed price with unlimited access to all the tools you need.
Bundle Includes
  • Quote Automation - your choice of a website integration for lead capture or a standalone webpage fully branded with your companies colors and logo. These request will move directly into the system for fast response times from your team.
  • Document Generation - your team can effortlessly create invoice, estimates, BOL's and any other document needed for a job. They can then hand off the device to your customer or send the document to the customer for easy signing.
  • Job Management - your team can schedule and manage jobs from anywhere. Add customer stops or change them, add any pricing metric or note on the job and a lot more.
  • Job History - once jobs are completed, you'll automatically have access to any detail of any job and still be able to send details or print details out as needed for your records.
  • Learn More - Reach out to us and learn more about our bundles.
Addon Access We are constantly adding new features to your Bundle package, however there are a few which may not be included - these are called addons. These features are available upon your request and may require custom configuration or dedicated time configuring and testing. An example of addons would be integrations with other systems, like Quickbooks.

Add-ons to your tier

Additional Solutions to Help You Provide Better Service

Name Setup Monthly Description
Custom Feature Request Varies N/A We will build a feature if you need it.
AI Visual Estimator $199 $49 monthly AI technology that analyzes images and videos to automatically retrieve your inventory list for each job, complete with cubic feet and total weight.
Estimated Price Range $199 $29 monthly Immediately display an estimate price range with quoting automation to your customers.
Integrations Varies Varies Integrate with your Accounting or other systems with real-time communication.
24/7 Full Support N/A $39 monthly Get support outside of normal work hours.
Technology Consultation N/A $199 hourly Help with best technology practices to help you grow your business.

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